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Well known salesman Joe Andrews, retires

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FARGO—No matter what you do for a living, you have to have quite the reputation to keep doing it well for more than 50 years.

As family, friends, customers and co-workers wished Joe Andrews well today during his retirement party at FF Fisher Sales and Leasing, Andrew's' passion for cars was on full display.

The Duluth native raced stock cars around the area for 17 years.

A Hall of Famer on paper and in many hearts, he is also a founding member of Minn-Kota Racing along with his pal, Ernie Brookins, who was on hand to wish him well on Wednesday.

"We made the West Fargo race track the number one in the nation," said Brookins.

Andrews also worked in cars, selling them since 1961.

"A year old car, or a 2 year old car was probably 24, 25 hundred bucks," said Andrews.

The prices and models have changed over the years, as have his homes.

He's worked in Duluth, East Grand Forks, Moorhead, Casselton and Fargo, but over time and space he's never had trouble selling.

Joe sold more than 7,500 cars in his career, that breaks down to more than 134 a year, or more than 11 a month.

Andrews built quite the customer base with some repeat customers coming back to buy 4, 5, or 6 more times.

He says his strategy when it came to selling was straight forward.

"Cars are a big investment can be scary. So, I tried making people relax. This should be fun," said Andrews.

His approachable demeanor also came with a trademark, he always would wear hats on the lot even pulling out the Santa hat around Christmas, but it was all genuine, he's not into gimmicks.

"You don't want to become my best friend or anything, but you want to get all the knowledge you can out of me that will help you," said Andrews.

When we asked the humble man his secret for sticking with it over the years, he gave us a humble, short answer.

"I like cars and I like people," said Andrews.

He didn't have to say a lot. the smiles on the faces of people funneling though the party spoke volumes.

Andrews and his wife will move to their home in the Ozarks at the end of the week.