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Blocked traffic signs create dangerous driving conditions in the Metro

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METRO—It's a frightening and potentially dangerous issue: whether blocked by traffic or low hanging branches some traffic signs are tough to see.

There are several stop signs across Fargo and Moorhead: "Invisible signs" ones you can hardly see until you're practically on top of them.

Some of these sardine-can-esque roads can make navigating and seeing upcoming signs.

From a block away, in the middle of the street, that stop sign isn't visible.

Even from a closer distance, it was still like playing where's Waldo with a warning sign.

From 100 feet away, half the sign is still blocked.

In fact, because of trees and parking traffic, the sign isn't completely visible until you're less than 50 feet away.

There were a handful of other signs playing hide and seek around town, but neither Fargo nor Moorhead has an ordinance concerning stop sign visibility.

We asked the Fargo City Engineer Jason Baker how the city makes sure signs are visible to all drivers when a stop sign is placed.

"Informally we do a site visit just to check on the sight distances," said Jason Baker, Fargo City Engineer.

He says there are also crews to ensure drivers see the red.

"Our sign maintenance guys go around to different areas of the city to make sure signs are visible," said Baker.

The city of Moorhead placed flags on this former problem sign to make it pop more.

Baker says it's important to note the city may not catch problem signs without the public telling it.

"Tells us if a tree branch is overgrown and is blocking visibility so we can have those branches trimmed," said Baker.

If you don't speak up, signs may sneak up.

Whether you live in Fargo, Moorhead, or West Fargo, you can report any problem you have with stop signs, for that information click on the city of which you would like looked into in the links below.



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