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Three Detroit Lakes homes burglarized within one hour

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DETROIT LAKES, Minn. --Near the Clean Car Auto Services in northwest Detroit Lakes, three homes were burglarized, all within an hour of each other.

Money, wallets and even a shotgun was stolen above a sleeping homeowner's bed.

It's a boldness that's startling homeowners in the area.

After living in Detroit Lakes for 45 years, Kami Olsen's sense of safety was shattered two weeks ago when her car was burglarized near the same neighborhood as the break-ins.

Olsen said, "I was mad, I was just like, you know, it's frustrating and you don't know what all they took. It could have been worse."

Sunday's series of early-morning burglaries has police on edge for a whole new reason.

Chief of police Steve Todd said, "What makes these unusual and causes alarm, for myself

and other members of PD is that each of these three burglaries occurred while each of these residents were inside of their homes."

Police say approaching homeowners in their sleep is a red flag.

"Indicates the burglar is more brazen then what we're used to seeing here in DL," said Chief Todd.

In the meantime, people are being advised to lock all windows and doors.

Chief Todd adds, "We believe the community deserves to be notified of these instances, they do add an element of danger, whether that be homeowner vs. suspect or visa versa."

In addition to the safety measures, police want homeowners to be aware of their rights of defense if they have firearms in their homes.

In Minnesota, a homeowner can shoot and even kill, if they are threatened with great bodily harm.

However, they must stop once the threat is eliminated, even if the intruder is alive.