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Burglary and home invasion at Minot apartment puts one man in the hospital

MINOT, ND -- Minot police are investigating a burglary that happened at 1:09 am Saturday morning.

The break-in happened at a south-east Minot apartment building.

Minot police say a 35-year-old male suspect kicked opened the apartment door, showing that he had a handgun.

This led to a confrontation between the male suspect and the apartment's resident.

During the fight, the 52-year-old man who lived in the apartment was hit several times on his head with the handgun.

The handgun did shoot during the fight but never hit anyone. 

The 52-year-old man was taken to Trinity Emergency Room where he was treated for his injuries.

Minot Police believe the victim and suspect know each other and that this was an isolated incident.