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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, wife host "Recovery Reinvented"

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North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said he and his wife Kathryn are preparing to host a "first-ever" addiction summit next week in Bismarck.

It's called "Recovery Reinvented." And it's expected to not only spark a conversation about addiction, but start an action plan to fight it.

The First Lady came to Fargo recently to share not only her story of addiction and recovery, but what is about to come for the state. A never before attempt in North Dakota to tackle the issue head on. Those whose addiction impacts, but those innovators, leaders and stakeholders.

"Who can take the ball and run and implement and acting on making a difference in recovery in North Dakota," said Kathryn.

The Recovery Reinvented summit will witness more than just stories from those hit by the scurge of addiction.

"But we are planning to make announcements related to pilot programs and initiatives, where something is going to happen," said Kathryn.

An action plan that may call on rural North Dakota to what it does best. Witness neighbor helping neighbor.

"Having people be able to go to faith-based communities in small towns in rural North Dakota to say 'here is where you go,' or they can be peer-to-peer recovery coaches and they can provide the support themselves and provide the support in their communities," said Kathyrn.

The first lady has shared her story of addiction to alcohol. How the chronic disease carries with it shame and stigma, that she says, has to be erased before we can move forward in the battle.

The big Recovery Reinvented summit will take place next Tuesday at the Bismarck Event Center. Doors open at 8 a.m.

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