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Lisbon Police Department looking for vandals who burglarized, spray painted homes

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LISBON, N.D.—Police are looking for vandals who targetted nine different areas with spray paint in Lisbon.

Police said the vandals also burglarized three homes.

Veterans call 90 acres of land home, a place usually quiet and serene.

"You hear about it in other parts of the country, but you don't hear about it here. It's disgusting," said Allen Polsfut.

Allen Polsfut has lived at the North Dakota Veteran's Home for over two years. This is the first time vandals hit the property.

"It disgraces every veteran that has fought for that flag," said Polsfut.

During a late Saturday night spree, vandals spray painted on their fountain, sidewalk and took the one thing that matters most to these veterans.

The vandals took the North Dakota and the American flag. They also cut the rope. The ropes are just swinging in the wind. The veterans home said it will be a costly repair.

It will cost $200.

The home says they want to pursue charges. Not for the spray paint, only for the flag.

"It's dishonoring our country, and dishonoring our state," said Mark Johnson of ND Veterans Home.

Police believe the same vandals are responsible for other reports of vandalism across the city, like this camper, along with three house burglaries.

But it's at the veteran's home the community feels most upset about it.

"It was very disturbing to the public that they would come out here and steal the flag from the grounds," said Chief Jeanette Persons of the Lisbon Police Department.

Officers are working on leads. Chief Jeanette Persons was even getting tips while we visited with her.

In hopes of bringing justice - and restoring pride in the stars and stripes.

"The flag is means the most to us veterans," said Polsfut.

If you have any information, call the Lisbon Police Department at 701-683-4141.