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Defense Secretary James Mattis visits Minot Air Force Base

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MINOT, N.D.—A high ranking member of President Donald Trump's cabinet spent time in North Dakota on Wednesday.

Defense Secretary James Mattis made a business trip to Minot Air Force Base.

He's reviewing and touring the U.S. nuclear missile arsenal.

Minot is the only base in the United States that has both land-based missiles and strategic bombers.

In the past, Mattis has been critical of what's known as the "triad" or the ability for the U.S. to fire missiles from the sky, sea and land.

Mattis said he thought sea and air capabilities were sufficient.

The press wasn't allowed into the base Wednesday, so video was provided to us by the base.

Mattis tell reporters aboard his plane that he's changed his opinion.

He now thinks having three striking options is the only way to deter other nations from bombing the United States.

Senator John Hoeven put out a video statement on the visit saying he thinks that's the point of Mattis trip.

"Clearly the timing is also designed to send a message to North Korea to hopefully de-escalate the situation and get them to work with us on a diplomatic solution," said Hoeven.

North Korea claimed to test a hydrogen bomb attached to a missile earlier this month.

On Wednesday, U.S. monitoring think tank says analysis shows the test may have been 17 times stronger than the bomb the U.S. dropped on Hiroshima.