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ND secretary of state candidate drops out after report on 2006 window-peeping incident

Wednesday News Update (9/13)

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Welcome to your news update.


It was an incredibly scary time for some in Grand Forks when a car came crashing into a home. 

Police say it happened Tuesday evening around 6:25 on the 800 block of 12th Street South.

34-year-old Goma Jogi was heading north when he intended to stop at a crosswalk, but hit the gas instead of the brake.

He then crashed into a home people were in at the time.

His passenger was taken to the hospital and it's unknown if he'll be okay.

Jogi wasn't injured, and neither was anyone in the home.

He was cited for failure to have his vehicle under control.


New developments in the case of Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind. 

A family is reunited after a court granted custody of baby Haisley Jo to her father. 

A Cass County Court judge gave full custody to Ashton Matheny.

Earlier we learned DNA tests confirmed the child is Savanna and Ashton's.

Haisley Jo has been in her father's care since last Wednesday.

Meanwhile, two people are in custody in connection with Savanna's kidnapping and murder, Brooke Crews and William Hoehn.

Authorities believe Savanna was abducted and killed.

They have not released any other information.


Senator Heidi Heitkamp says she looks forward to working across the aisles on tax reform. 

This after the Senator joined President Trump and a group of her colleagues for a dinner at the White House Tuesday night.

Heitkamp says she had a good discussion and re-enforced that any tax bill must benefit working families, farmers and retirees.

She also says she wants to see more details about the plan before making any final judgment.

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