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Veterans honored as part of RedHawks Honor Flight Jersey Day

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FARGO—Those who took part in the Honor Flight were honored again as they kicked of the RedHawk's game.

The event was part of WDAY's Honor Flight Jersey Day.

Baseball fans got a chance to hear a Vietnam Vet sing the national anthem while Korean War veterans did the color guard.

There were stands in the concord selling supportive jerseys, hats, and koozies.

Those in the guard say that while they feel honored those who lost their lives are the ones who really deserve praise.

"Well, it goes back to the old saying, freedom isn't free and we all have a different part of it, but everybody gave some, but some gave all. So, we were the fortunate ones. We had to give something, but we didn't have to give all so far," said Eddie Bernharson, Korean War Veteran.

After the game there was an honor flight silent auction that included signed jerseys, getaways, and prints.