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Lottery ticket sold in Illinois to make someone $393 million richer

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(WDAY)—People are crossing their fingers as they print off their tickets for Saturday night's $350 million Powerball.

One down, one to go.

The Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $393 million was sold in Palos Heights, Illinois.

It was the 5th largest jackpot in 15-years and it's not hard to imagine what to do with that kind of change.

"I would pay off my student loans."

"I would buy me a better phone."

"I would go on vacation."

Many also want to share the love

"Donate a lot of it to some nice charity, I guess."

"I would give some of that money to my dad, and mom and the rest of my family."

"I think I would like to start an animal shelter."

But some don't care about having that extra money in their pocket.

"True wealth has no monetary value. It's a clean heart and pure conscious - that's more important to me," said Tim Finn, Lottery Player.

Whether giving it away or cashing it in, there's a chance to win big, but before you can collect the cash you have to overcome the odds.

A stark reality; or a 1 in 292 million chance at winning.

You're more likely to die from an asteroid strike, get struck by lightening or give birth to identical quadruplets.

Those unlikely odds don't stop some from dreaming and that's what your ticket can buy, fun, and perhaps a dream.

Powerball tickets are between $1 and $2.

You can see the winning ticket later Saturday night on the powerball website.