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Society for Creative Anachronism members portray Medieval characters at local event

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GRAFTON, N.D. -- It's a weekend full of sword fights, feasts and dancing as medieval-inspired characters take over a local park.

The Society for Creative Anachronism is set up here in Grafton this weekend.

It's a way for families to connect with each other and with traditions from hundreds of years ago.

It was all about Lords and of course, the ladies...

"I love playing dress up. I joined for the clothes. I will not pretend," said Robyn Brough, Lady.

Middle age-enthusiasts are taking over a Grafton Campground with medieval weapons and clothing.

"It's a lot of historical study that we put into that. And some people will find ways to make things work," said Jeremy Putt, Lord.

"They were doing more finger braiding to make cord but it's easy and portable for me to take to work. And it keeps your hands occupied which is the big thing," said Brough.

They'll even teach you English dances from hundreds of years ago, but it's the sense of community that keeps them together.

"This is my tribe, this is my family. Adopted family," said Brough.

Families from near and far taking a break from the 21st century.

"Some of us have desk jobs, some of us are working in school systems things like that. It's a chance where we get out and actually practice how to use the armor how to use the weapons," said Putt.

Some spend years researching their characters and preparing for the next big battle.

"That chainmail shirt is probably what, 20, 30 pounds? Yeah," said Putt.   

All for a fun weekend with friends.

The SCA has over 30,000 members worldwide including in North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba.