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UPDATE: Abducted Fergus Falls woman found safe; man in custody

Growing marijuana plant found in downtown Fargo park

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FARGO—There's marijuana growing right outside the doors of the downtown Fargo fire station.

One plant is mixed-in with the tomatoes at Ole Tangen Triangle Park. Experts say you wouldn't be able to get high off of the plant alone.

While it's possible someone intentionally planted the weed there as a prank, the seed may have been dormant in soil that was transported to the park, but even horticulturists say it's a strange spot for a wild plant.

"I kind of find it unusual that it is germinating now. I would think that most of the seed would have germinated by now. If it was intentionally planted, I guess that's one thing," said Dr. Rich Zollinger, NDSU Extension Weed Specialist.

The Park District says it will likely remove it.