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Blood-stained protesters slam circumcision in Fargo

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FARGO -- If you were driving on 45th Street in Fargo today, you probably noticed a group, in white, with blood-stained clothing.

They were protesting male circumcision.

It was at the 45th Street South and 13th Avenue South intersection where a traveling group brought signs, information cards and their overall message to end circumcision.

Amid honks, shouts and some cheers, protestors with a group called 'Blood Stained Men & Friends' are taking to the road with a message to share.

"The story of American circumcision is just the story of corruption, treachery and deceit, and outright fraud," said Brother K of Blood Stained Men & Friends.

Five hours a day in 17 cities across the midwest they're traveling, telling others to think twice before circumisizing their babies, comparing it to female mutilation.

"Parents who love their children find out how brutal and destructive and harmful circumcision is, the average parent would say no, you're not going to do that to my baby," said Brother K.

Soon-to-be parents like Alex Hidanovic stopped to take it in.

"Is there a point to this? Is there a good point for me giving surgery to my son for what? you know? If it's worth it," said Hidanovic.

But not everyone has been receptive. Just two days ago, the group was threatened to be arrested by Minot police, citing a city ordinance telling them to leave, which the group says is an attack on their first amendment rights.

"They're not bothering anyone or blocking traffic, they're just letting something be known," said Hidanovic.

The CDC says 65 percent of newborn babies in the U.S. are circumcised, a number the protesters are fighting to lower, telling parents it causes more harm than good.

"With this kid on the way, I really gotta do my research if I want to do an operation, and it really is an operation, once he's born or not," said Hidanovic.

"Our boys deserve the dignity and the human right of their god given, normal body," said Brother K.

The group says they have no end date in sight, and will spread their word across the country.

Fargo is stop number 14 on their 17-city northern tour.

The group is entirely volunteer based, traveling and eating from donated funds.