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Attempted child abduction in South Fargo

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FARGO—A story you'll want to warn your kids about tonight.

Police are investigating after an attempted child abduction in South Fargo.

Jennifer Henry posted about it on the Next Door App.

She says her 11 year old son was riding his bike on 20th Avenue South near 16th Street South, when he was approached by a man in a pickup.

She says the man repeatedly tried to get her son to get in the truck

She says the pickup followed her son as he tried to get home, until he went through some back yards.

Henry describes as a silver Chevy Silverado with lots of rust and Minnesota License plates.

She also said it had fast food bags on the dash.

She says the man is in his 20's with very tanned skin and what she described as a "normal" accent.

If you have information on the truck or the man, you're asked to call Fargo police.