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Fargo bikers get together for 18th annual Miracle Ride

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FARGO -- Saturday was all about joy riding for some local bikers.

Harley Davidson in West  Fargo hosted their annual motorcycle event this weekend.

The engines were revving at the Harley Davidson dealership in West Fargo as over 70 bikers got together for the 18th annual Miracle Ride.

Leather jackets, loud mufflers, and colorful flags; this gang is ready to ride out.

Before they go out, they have to contribute to a special cause.

"We are fundraising for childrens in need in the hospital." says attendee Abbi.

The Miracle Ride is all about giving back, and in the past 3 years the annual ride has raised over $60,000 for the Children's Miracle Network at Sanford.

"You know, the biking community in general - they're probably one of the most giving communities out there. Any reason to get out there and ride - bikers are going to get behind." says owner of Fargo's Harley Davidson store Jimmy Entenmin.

These charitable riders know the importance of family and comraderie, even doing "bike blessings" before they hop on from West Fargo to Detroit Lakes and back.

Don: "It's a great organization to support, and just like a family member - you want to come out and support the future of kids that are not fortunate enough to come out and enjoy this ride with us." says motorcyclist Don Strandberg.

While kids and motorcycles might seem like an odd mix, these riders know charity isn't always about looks.

"It just goes to show you that just cause you look big and brawly - everybody's got a good heart." Strandberg tells us.

The event ended with a live concert from Ultrasound Live and a silent auction.

The group also held a picnic dinner and silent auction raffle.