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"Cully's Cabin" the new children's hospital playroom at Sanford is unveiled

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FARGO—The Sanford Children's Hospital unveiled a special play room for kids staying at the hospital thanks to a local hockey star who donated to the cause.

Matt Cullen, who just helped lead the Pittsburgh Penguins to victory in the Stanley Cup along with his wife Bridget, donated $1 million dollars to the cause.

The 3,000 square foot room has spots for kids to play, relax and do arts and crafts.

The Cullen's hope each child finds joy inside those walls even when they're sick.

"We just hope that we can help them enjoy the time that they have with their families where they are in a spot where they don't ideally want to be in. This is a beautiful hospital, but nobody wants to be here. So it's nice to provide a place for them to get away." Matt Cullen tells us.

Cully's cabin is five times larger than the current play room at the original Sanford location.