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10-year-old starts root beer float stand after devastating home fire

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FARGO -- After losing everything in a fire, one family is being showered with community support.

Just two days after this family lost everything a little boy devised a plan to help them, and it includes 4 gallons of ice cream.

On a hot summer's day the first challenge is keeping this tub of vanilla ice-cream from melting.

"Once you do something nice, it's just going to keep on going back to you." Ryne King tells us.

Then getting the formula just right.

For Ryne King he's hoping to sell enough of these root beer floats to raise $500 dollars for his friends.

The Connor's, a family who lost everything in a house fire on Thursday.

"They've always been nice to us and helped us. So they deserve to get the money from us." Ryne says.

Here's an endless supply of ice cream and soda, all thanks to Mom.

"I'm overwhelmed and so proud of him. And proud of him because he didn't see it as a big deal.  It was just something that he wnanted to do for his friends." Lyn King, Ryne's Mom, says.

10 year-old Rine inspiring others who live just doors down.

"To get kids involved like this - it goes to teach them when there is a neighbor in need, you have to help." Says neighbor Kristen.

Neighbors are doing their part too, organizing a block party later this month, with proceeds going to the family along with a community fund.

"To look at the house and think literally that was jsut down the street from you, that can happen to anybody. And everybody needs a helping hand." says Kristen.

Just one boy spreading a message of love and support

"It's the lesson that you have to learn." Ryne tells us.

So far, Ryne has raised nearly $400 dollars since starting his stand on Saturday.

He'll be serving up root beer floats again Wednesday from 6-to-8 in the evening.