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Man who caught deer in Wadena Walmart recalls moments before taking action

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WADENA, Minn. -- Shoppers in Wadena got quite a surprise on Tuesday when a deer made it's way into the town's Walmart.

You can find just about anything at WalMart, but the super-store's hairiest guest has the whole town talking, sharing and screenshotting

"I thought a shelf or something fell over on this lady because she was screaming," said Stephanie Koljonen, Deer Photographer.

Deer don't normally shop at WalMart and the picture has quickly gained traction after the 7:30 incident.

Shoppers say the little deer's wild deal hunt was likely a search for a snack.

"It came in through the garden doors, and it must have been eating the flowers or something," said Koljonen.

This is the time of year young deer are left to fend for themselves the confused animal must have wandered into the semi-rural supercenter.

Tom Grasswick of Deer Creek says he was just trying to save a few bucks when a little buck jumped right into the unsuspecting shopper.

"It felt like i got slugged or something," said Grasswick.

He says it was just instinct to subdue the hundred pounder.

"I figured I was bigger than the deer so I'd win that wrestling match," said Grasswick.

After tackling the young buck, Grasswick and a few others covered its eyes before letting it free outside.

After consulting with local law enforcement it appears Wal-mart has made some adjustments in their garden center door policies.

It appears the deer won't become a repeat customer.