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Area public libraries introduce new multimedia app for card holders

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FARGO—Library card holders in Fargo can now use Netflix for your noodle.

Fargo Public Libraries now offers streaming of audiobooks, movies and music to members.

The service is through an app called "Hoopla."

Users can check out up to five items a month at no cost.

The service lets users access tens of thousands of titles, including brand new comic books.

Hoopla is supported on IOS, Android, and most Amazon devices.

The library says Hoopla is a large audiobook collection, great for people on the go.

"The convenience of having them digitally on your phone is so large. I think we're going to see a huge shift to digital for audio books. Overall the format is a lot more popular than it was 5 or 10 years ago." said Ben Daeuber of the Fargo Public Libraries.

West Fargo public library users have had access to Hoopla for several months.