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Dayton expected to respond to sheriffs' letter regarding pipeline protests

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MORTON COUNTY, N.D. — A response is expected on Tuesday from Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton to the Minnesota Sheriff's Association.

The association accused the governor of ignoring a call for help from North Dakota law enforcement during the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

The sheriff's association sent a letter to the governor last week saying he withheld an Emergency Management Assistance Compact request, or "E-MAC."

A statement Monday from the governor's press secretary said,; "The Governor has received the letter. His reply will be sent by noon tomorrow."

The sheriff's association believes the governor's response was political and doesn't have a place in emergency situations.

"The sheriffs would and will or are willing to assist when public safety needs arise and we chose not to have the politics get in the way of public safety," said James Franklin, MN Sheriff's Association.

The association hopes Dayton will meet with them in person to talk about this issue and to find a better way to respond to EMACs