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Fargo police remind drivers to be cautious when traveling through 32nd Avenue South construction

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FARGO—Fargo police are reminding drivers to be mindful after several collisions on 32nd Avenue.

The new construction zone is only a week old, but police say they've filled out several accident reports.

Police say the tight quarters and high traffic make for tough driving.

Officers have found some drivers are in a hurry, and don't heed reduced speed limits, leading to more problems.

It's recommended drivers avoid traveling down 32nd Avenue if possible.

Police suggest allowing extra time.

"If you consider it like winter driving, say 'Hey I normally leave for work at such and such time when it's snowing' and you should adjust your time," said Fargo police Sgt. Jim Kringlie. "Here, it's the same thing."

Police plan "traffic blitzes" for 32nd in the near future, meaning several officers will watch the area closely for a few days to remind people to be careful.