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Wednesday News Update (1/11)

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Welcome to your news update.

Backpage shut down

Authorities in Minnesota who fight the sex trafficking industry are reacting to's move to shut down its adult services section.

The Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a report charging the site has created a lucrative marketplace that makes trafficking easier. 

It cites internal documents showing up to 80% of the ads are edited to conceal the true nature of the underlying transaction.

With it shut down, one prosecutor says the problem will move to other sites on the web.

Pete Orput, the Washington County Attorney said, "That shut down it means it didn't go away, it just went somewhere else and now we have to find out where these other places that people are doing this so it's a bit of a cat and mouse game but I'm willing to play it."

In the last ten days, Washington County has found seven girls and arrested five pimps from information obtained on Backpage.

Seatbelts on school buses

A bill in Minnesota has been introduced to require newly-purchased school buses to have seat belts.

A hearing is expected in the coming months.

In 2015, buses were involved in 690 crashes in Minnesota, but a tragic crash in Chattanooga spurred a national discussion.

It came on the heels of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's stance every child should have a 3-point seatbelt on a bus.

Putting in seatbelts could cost 8 thousand dollars a bus.

Tom Burr, from St. Paul Public Schools said, "An elementary student may have a bus with seat belts, but a high school student may not have a bus with seat belts."

Landon Yakobleba, a parent said, "When it comes to children's safety, I don't think money should ever be an issue." 

Whether or not the bill succeeds, supporters say seat belts are not a matter of if, but rather when.

Retail Laws

A state lawmaker from Fargo wants to change a law that prevents retail stores from opening before noon on Sunday.

Democratic Representative Pam Anderson says surrounding states don't have a similar law and since you can shop on the internet around the clock, the brick and mortar retailers are at a disadvantage.

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