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Tips to avoid holiday plumbing problems

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 Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - For many, this time of year is known for shopping, travel and holiday foods.

For plumbers, it's known for big business.

The holiday season is full of family, friends and delicious food.

Ginger Keller- Fargo: "We usually eat a lot of ham, turkey, the basic stuffings."

Nicolette Berge- Fargo: "Food usually seems to be an important part of the holidays in our family."

And with the food comes leftovers.

Aaron Tollefson- Fargo: "We usually eat them up, but I mean some of the other stuff goes down the drain."

That's a big reason why it's the busiest time of year for plumbers.

Jerry Schatzke of Don's Plumbing in Fargo says one of the most popular calls this time of year is for clogged drains.

Jerry Schatzke- Don's Plumbing: "With the holidays, you get a lot of guests coming over and a lot of leftovers hitting the garbage disposal."

He says you shouldn't use your garbage disposal if you don't have to.

Schatzke: "It's just as easy to scrape into the garbage can as it is the kitchen sink."

But if you choose to use it, make sure you follow some simple do's…

Schatzke: "Use plenty of water. Get the water flowing before, during and after the use of the disposal."

And don'ts.

Schatzke: "Don't put too much down the garbage disposal."

He says three holiday foods you should never put down your drain are potato peels, pasta and celery.

Fargo's winters are another reason plumbers are so busy this time of year.

Schatzke: "As the farmers say, when the sun shines, make hay. I guess in a plumber's world, hay means cold weather."

Two big factors that contribute to the calls are snow and wind.

Schatzke: "The winds pick up, that's when pipes freeze."

You can avoid a call to your plumber by keeping your pipes insulated and your house warm, making sure your holiday season is hassle free.

Don's Plumbing also says you shouldn't turn your home's temperature down too low if you're leaving town for the holidays.

Many times, home owners who do that will come home to frozen pipes.