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Many 'pay it forward' at The Shack on Broadway this Veterans Day

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Fargo, ND (WDAY News) - Many showed their gratitude to our nation's heroes on Friday at the Shack on Broadway in Fargo.

If the smell of crispy bacon, a hot cup of joe, and sharing a meal with friends isn't enough to put a smile on your face, maybe the selflessness of the customers at The Shack on Broadway this Veterans Day will do the trick.

"It started right when I unlocked the doors this morning," said Tanya Bale, The Shack Owner.

Before the sun could even rise, a regular at the shack was brightening the day for our nation's heroes.

"It can certainly change their mood and affects their days a lot," said Riley Wilhelm, Busser.

The regular handed Shack owner Tanya Bale a stack of money and instructions: pay for some vets' meals.

Gratitude is contagious

"Suddenly another person left another $50 and another left another 20 and before we knew it we had a few hundred dollars to work with," said Bale.

Dozens of times, veterans approached the register, each time, they were turned away.

Some even decided to pay it forward, adding to the "breakfast fund."

For Bale the gesture is especially touching.

"I get emotional, it really shows me the faith and goodness that people truly do have inside themselves, my son just enlisted too so very proud," said Bale.

On a day meant for thanks, folks showed just how grateful they really are.

"The community around here and in Fargo, it shows how warm-hearted we are," said Wilhelm.

The customer who made the initial donation does not want to be identified.

Bale estimates up to 50 meals were paid for by strangers.