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Superhero in downtown Fargo? Signs suggest masked vigilante

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The streets of downtown Fargo may be patrolled by more than the Fargo PD.

Fliers scattered throughout the heart of the city suggest the area may be watched by a masked vigilante.

It sounds like something out of a comic book.

Fargo's alleys, patrolled by someone who calls themselves "One Tin Soldier."

"Can't believe it," said Michael Schumer, Fargo.

The only evidence: cryptic fliers strewn throughout downtown.

Not much is known about the mysterious "One Tin Soldier" including who they are, what they do or whether they even exist. But plenty of people have their own theories.

"Maybe he wears a tin knight suit or maybe he just loves chewing tobacco," said John Miller, One Tin Soldier fan.

Fargo PD doesn't know anything about the downtown defender. Even experts on the subject can only speculate.

"Defies authority regardless to help people," said Richard Early, superhero expert. "I would take a stab that's maybe the motivation, but who knows really?"

Take a closer look at the secretive fliers, and it references the "Real Life Super Hero Project"

"There's been quite a bit of this going around."

The Project is a network of vigilantes who practice "activism and altruism" but have rocked headlines with the legal trouble they sometimes bring.

One Tin Soldier has managed to stay hidden. Some say the fliers have been up for years now.

"I want to see him and know about him," said Miller.

Who could the spandex clad crusader be?

"Probably some really bored college student," said Schumer. "We don't know what this guy does, so he could just be helping little old ladies across the street."

Early believes it could just be a huge comic fan doing what they enjoy.

"Comic books tend to reflect the culture around them, and here's someone in our culture trying to reflect what's going on in comic books," said Early.

So far, the fliers have only been found in downtown Fargo.

There are no confirmed sightings of "One Tin Soldier."