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Under staffing forces Crookson, MN Habitat for Humanity construction to be placed on hold

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Crookston, MN (WDAY/WDAZ News) - For the city of Crookston, Habitat for Humanity is on hold.

After building more than a dozen homes in the area, the Crookston chapter of Habitat for Humanity hasn't been able to build for two years.

Members of the organization say the source of the struggle is staffing, unable to nail down a construction foreman who can donate the time and effort needed, for little to no compensation, but they say they won't close the doors on their chapter yet. 

"It's a challenge, it's really a challenge, and it has been a challenge for our affiliate for the last few years. We don't have, you know we're not done, Habitat in Crookston is not over, we're not done. We are taking some time," said Julie Follette, Crookston Habitat for Humanity.