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Boy Scout raises spirits by raising flags

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Moorhead, MN (WDAY/WDAZ TV) - A Moorhead Boy Scout is making life a bit easier and raising the hope and spirits of our area Veterans.

Adam Altendorf, is earning the title of Eagle Scout by giving back to local veterans by building flagpoles.

Adam Altendorf

"The veterans would have as little work as possible, the weather proof flag so they wouldn't have to take it down during a storm, and the light so they wouldn't have to take it down during the night," said Adam Altendorf, Moorhead.

Altrendorf is even keeping it green by installing solar power which helps the environment and makes it easier on the veteran.

VFW Post 1223 is helping with the project.

"The thing is he needs a little help on the financing, and we do need to get ahold of more vets that need it, and would like to have one of these flag poles in their yard," said James Beckstorm, VFW Post 1223.

 Aside, from the $1,500 that needs to be raised, people can donate things like mulch to help with the landscaping.

Decorated war hero, Conrad Newgren, who fought in WWII,  says he is humbled by the  project.

"I don't think we should receive any special treatment we are just doing our job," Conrad Newgren, Fargo.

But, if he was presented with the flag.

"Oh yea, you can't turn down a flag."

The remainder of the money that is raised will go toward Honor Flight, which is an expense paid trip for veterans to DC.

But there's a deeper meaning for many of the veterans going on the trip.

"I went to the Arlington Cemetery to visit my buddy’s grave. Audie Murphy he is the most decorated soldier in WWII and took pictures of his grave," said Newgren.

If you are interested in helping raise money or know a veteran who would like a flag visit click here.