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App coming out for farmers that can check their crops from anywhere at anytime

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Fargo, ND (WDAY News) - Every aspect of our lives seems to have a "mobile" emphasis.

Apps that make driving, eating, and shopping quicker and easier.

Now, you can add agriculture to the list.

Arthur Companies is working with Myriad Mobile and will soon unveil an app that will change how its farmers do business.

Farmer Chase Nelson rolls up with a load of grain today at Arthur Companies; Monday afternoon he grabs seed wheat.

When Chase and other farmers unload the harvest, the grain is tested and checked for moisture and protein.

Arthur Companies then gives the information to the farmer by hard copy

"Tech and Ag has really exploded the last few years," says Ryan Raguse of Myriad Mobile.

Myriad Mobile has designed an App that allows farmers with Arthur Companies to have all that data, anytime, anyplace, on their phones.

"Everyone has a cell phone and everyone wants information at their fingertips," said John Melland, Arthur Companies CFO.

"Farmers adapt quick to technology quicker than most people think," said Raguse.

Ryan Raguse of Myriad grew up on a farm, hauled grain, and knows technology is rapidly changing even when it comes to grain hauling. "Having that information technology ready will allow you to make more money as a farmer," said Raguse.

What this means for Chase and other farmers is they could be in a combine, in a cafe or the beach in Bora Bora and still know what is going on with their crop.

"That is the big picture, if you can see things faster, you can make money faster," said Chase Nelson, Nelson Farms.

Back in 1906, customers brought grain to elevators by horse and wagon when harvesting took weeks.

Today, they have semi loads of grain, and a phone to tell you all about it.

The next phase for the mobile app will include precise ways farmers track their input costs for fertilizer, fuel and seed.