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Fargo couple goes extra mile to find hit-and-run driver

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - An expecting mother is literally going an extra mile before her baby arrives this summer.

After a driver hit and run the Fargo couple's family car, Olivia Ogaard took to the streets to find the culprit.

It's not unusual to see missing pet or yard sale signs, now that Fargo couple is taking advantage of the foot traffic around downtown to find the hit and run driver because their dented car could put a dent in plans before their baby arrives.

"We this just loud, loud squealing and the sound of tires spinning on gravel and then this loud crack," said Olivia Ogaard.

The sound was alarming enough but when Olivia Ogaard looked out her apartment window the sight was even more so.

"There were some colorful words. I didn't know what to think."

That hit-and-run left a huge dent, scratches and now part of the panel is being held up by duct tape. Insurance is covering most of the damage but several thousand will still put a dent in Ogaard's wallet.

The young couple is saving every penny for the arrival of their first baby in August and the unexpected cost comes at a less than ideal time.

"Big kind of financial burden we weren't expecting to take on at a time like this. We only have a couple of months left now," said Ogaard.

Ogaard partially blames the tenacity on her hormones but almost immediately she set out to track down the culprit using dozens of flyers.

She canvassed neighbors and light posts within a 5 block radius.

"Walked everywhere until I had had blisters on my little feet," Ogaard said.

Already, she's heard a few tips. And she's hoping her perseverance, and help from the public, will resolve the case before baby comes.

"I'm frustrated, but I'm mostly sad. It's just upsetting."

Ogaard believes the car responsible is a red sedan, possibly a Camaro, with heavy damage to its front driver side.

The couple also set up a Go Fund Me page to help offset costs and get their new family off on the right foot.

Catherine Ross

Catherine joined the WDAY 6 News team as a reporter and photographer in April of 2014 and is honored to bring you stories from around the Red River Valley. She grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and got her first taste of the news industry during a high school mentorship at Fox 9 in the Twin Cities. Catherine graduated from Emerson College in Boston where she participated in the student-run TV station WEBN and spent a semester in Washington, DC working at Voice of America. Those opportunities gave her a front-row seat to the 2012 Presidential election cycle, reporting at the Iowa Caucuses, Republican National Convention and President Obama’s second inauguration. Now happy to be back closer to family, Catherine enjoys exploring the nature and culture of the upper Midwest. She’s an avid runner, novice foodie and lifelong Twins fan. If you have any story ideas or just want to say hello, Catherine would love to hear from you!

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