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Money left around Fargo in Kindness Cash project

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - If you thought finding a dollar in a parking lot was good luck, wait to you hear this. 

Starion Financial filled 150 envelopes with $20 each and put in places throughout the community.

It's part of the Starion Kindness Cash project where you're asked to take that money, and pay it forward.

We followed them around while they placed some in a grocery store, but not too many people noticed quite yet.

Those giving out the cash say it's a way to spread some of the joy.

"We could simply write a check and give it to a charity. I think this just allows everybody in our community to do what they want with it," said Josh Hahn, Starion Financial.

If you found some of the cash, you're urged to share what you did with it on Starion's Facebook page.

Jordan Schroeer

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