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Family says It's a 'Miracle' Daughter Survived Horrific Highway 10 Crash

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The family of 21-year-old Hannah Smith is calling her recovery from a four-vehicle crash Wednesday a miracle.

Smith's car was torn in half but her family says her injuries are not life threatening. 

Smith is recovering at the Hennepin County Medical Center and her family tells us that she's making improvements every day. 

Just days after the crash, Smith's father says they have a hard time looking at the images from a crash that almost took his daughter's life.  

"I get emotional every time I think about it, when I think about her in that car, tumbling, breaking into two," Todd Smith said.

A typical Wednesday was turned upside down for the family.

"No parent wants that phone call," said Becky Smith, Hannah's mother. 

Todd and Becky Smith didn't know the details of what happened to their daughter on U.S. Highway 10 in Coon Rapids but after speaking with a paramedic, they knew it was bad.

"The one guy told us he's been doing this for 15 years and he honestly didn't expect anyone to be alive in there. He'd never seen anyone survive such a catastrophic accident," Todd said. 

But somehow, Hannah survived.

"There was one portion of that car that was survivable and that's where she ended up," Todd said. 

Hannah suffered a fractured sternum, pelvis, and had surgery on a broken arm Friday.

"The injuries she sustained were incredibly minimal," Becky said. 

On Saturday, Hannah saw pictures from the crash for the first time, but her family says she doesn't even remember if she was going to or from work that day. 

Hannah's mother says it'll take weeks of physical therapy before her daughter is back to full strength, but this is a moment that tested their whole family.

"Faith gets you through something like this," Becky said. 

Thanks to overwhelming support, they can't wait to bring their daughter home. 

"There was something other than that little Toyota Camry that saved her life. I don't believe in good luck. I think that God saved her," Todd said. 

Hannah is a student at Bethel University and her parents say she'll be taking the semester off to focus on her recovery. 

The Coon Rapids Police Department are still investigating what caused the crash and are encouraging people to call in with any information.