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Woodhaven residents have dealt with frustrations of wrong mail deliveries for months

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Through snow, rain, heat or gloom of night, many expect their mail to be delivered.

But that's not the case for angry residents in a south Fargo neighborhood.

For months, hundreds of pieces of mail have been delivered to the wrong address or not delivered at all.

Residents in the Woodhaven neighborhood say they've been receiving the wrong mail, sometimes with very personal information.

Every day, Judy Fennell checks her mail box in disgust.

"It's frustrating and scary because of what you don't know. Why? Why does this continue to happen when you've received so many complaints?" asked Woodhaven resident Judy Fennell.

Since September, residents in the Woodhaven neighborhood of South Fargo have been distributing mail themselves.

Judy says her trust in the post office as at such an all-time low, every time she checks the mail, she expects to see other people's packages.

"I'm not the postman, I shouldn't have to be delivering other people's mail,” said Fennell.

Other neighbors even created a Facebook group, to see who had what mail.

“Hi all, we are missing a package that was delivered to our house on January sixth, anyone else having issues with their mail? Plus, I've had other Woodhaven residents.....Looking for help with a lost package."

Judy says it's not just what mail her neighbor is getting, but the mail she isn't getting at all.

"The time of year right now is tax season, and all the really sensitive information out there. You're social security numbers, dates of birth, that's frightening. And how are you going to know what you don't receive?” asked Fennell.

She says her complaints to the post office are met with frustrating sighs, but she won't stop seeking answers until it's solved.

"Why can't we be able to trust in our post office? Be able to trust that we are going to get out mail, and all of it is going to be delivered to us in a timely manner,” said Fennell.

The Fargo postmaster says he was having a meeting with postal officials to try and solve the problem.

In a short statement, he says they are working to address the issues

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