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Moorhead woman has new roof and ramp added to home thanks to Rebuilding Together and Lowe's

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Moorhead (WDAY TV) - When a Moorhead woman sits down with family for Thanksgiving she will have a restored house and army of volunteers to thank. The local non-profit: Reubuilding Together received a $15,000 grant as part of a nationwide project that Lowe's is sponsoring.

Audrey has endure countless back surgeries and other health issues. When she needed a new roof, a ramp outside and laundry on the main level, Rebuilding Together awarded her the Lowe's grant. $15,000 for the redo.

"So grateful for this program. It has helped me a lot," Minnerath said.

For Rebuilding Together, it means volunteers coming, getting a few fixes done and keeping a homeowner where she belongs: her house.

:We get letters all the time from people and phone calls people who could not use their bathrooms because of mobility issues and now they can use their home and they are safe," Russ Richards with Building Together said.

Audrey is is returning the holiday cheer often feeding the work crews.

"My way of giving back. Giving and giving back," Minnerath said.

All demonstrated with hammer and nails.

"The grattitude makes me feel good there are people out there who are willing to help," Minnerath said.

Many of the projects Rebuilding Together does depends on donations.  In the last five years, 120 homeowners in Fargo-Moorhead have been helped.

Kevin Wallevand

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