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Northern Cass students crown special classmate Homecoming Queen

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Hunter, ND (WDAY TV) - At Northern Cass School Friday afternoon, a gymnasium full of compassion. The Jaguars took on Milnor-North Sargent on the football field, but before all that a Homecoming coronation that will be talked about for years to come.

It has been an unforgettable week for the Homecoming Court at Northern Cass. Especially for candidate Mandy Murch. Smack dab in the middle of the Homecoming Court Royalty float was Queen Candidate Mandy. Parade Time. No town, so they drove around the parking lot.

Since her first years here at Northern Cass.

Austin Von Hagen/Mandy's Classmate, "Started kindergarten with her and all the way through my senior year."

Mandy, despite the obstacles in her life, has been such a stitched part of the class fabric.

Taylor Becker/Homecoming Queen Candidate, "Mandy is always happy and you can't help but smile when you are around her and you want to be a part of that."

It was no surprise then when her class nominated her as a Homecoming Candidiate. Football player Brian Schreiner gave his football jersey to Mandy to wear. Number 24.

Brian Schreiner/Homecoming King Candidate, "She has taught us to be nice to everyone, even if you have special needs or disability everyone is a person and everyone gets treated the same way.

Mandy's family says they couldn't ask for a better school for their daughter. Acceptance has never been an issue. 

Cheryl Murch/Mandy's Mom, "They are absolutely terrific with being such good friends with Mandy. Unreal that this happened."

Special Ed teacher Susan Verwest helped with the pre-coronation primping.

Minutes later, hairspray and beauty shop for Mandy and the girls. It was time to crown the queen.

When Mandy and her escort walked into a packed Northern Cass Gym, no one was prouder than her parents and grandparents. Then 600 students came to their feet as Mandy Murch became the star of Homecoming 2015.

Ryan Lyson/Northern Cass Principal, "As voted on my the student body: Mandy Murch."

What a beautiful queen, what a family, and for this school that sits in the middle of a farm field, what a community of kids. Sure, it's a big football game tonight, but one of life's big lessons played out on a stage today.

Murch, "I am speechless."

They won't forget this, they won't forget Mandy.

When 19-year-old Mandy recently was granted a Make A Wish gift, she did not choose Disneyworld or a trip to the Super Bowl. She just asked to attend a conference of other children diagnosed with a similar genetic disorder. 

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