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Wheaties to produce limited edition beer

Minneapolis, MN (KSTP) - Two Minnesota companies are teaming up to create a limited-edition Hefeweizen beer named HefeWheaties.

General Mills’ Wheaties is partnering with Minneapolis-based Fulton to create the beer, according to a General Mills company blog.

Hefeweizen is a south German-style wheat beer, and the prefix Hefe means “with yeast,” according to General Mills. Fulton company officials say it’s the first time they’ve brewed a beer of this style.

The beer will be available in the Twin Cities market starting Aug. 26 in a 16-ounce tallboy can, and four-packs will also be sold while they last. The beer will only be available in Minnesota.

The Fulton taproom is also hosting several events featuring HefeWheaties, including one on Aug. 26.