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Trevor Frolek is heading home after spending 345 days in the hospital, "little blessing" weighed 1 lb 6 oz at birth

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - What a historic day for a baby boy who is spending his first night at home, and not the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Little Trevor Frolek has the scrapbook and the medical records to prove it: He is one big fighter.

Trevor left Essentia on Friday with fanfare after being there an entire year. The family calls him, "a little blessing."

You must be a rock star when nurses on their day off come in and throw a farewell party for you. For the little guy, life has been quite the ride.

Bo Frolek/Trevor's Dad, "Especially from the night we did not think he would make it, to now, is just, so, pretty special."

When Becky Frolek felt something was wrong at 23-weeks of pregnancy, she feared the worst, and it happened. She delivered a one pound six ounce baby boy.

Becky Frolek, "Hour by hour, minute by minute."

Touch and go hours.

Bo, "The doctor said we would have good days and bad days."

He was so fragile. So small. Trevor's dad Bo got his wedding ring around Trevor's foot.

There were surgeries for his heart, for his eyes. Friday was day 345, and it is the last day. He is at home in Lidgerwood on Friday night.

Bo, "After all the obstacles he overcame just to get to this point."

Erin Kuehl, RN/Essentia NICU Nurse, 'A lot of days we left here and were not sure we would see him again, and to see him do well. This is the best reward we could ask for."

And as they leave the hospital for the first time in a year...

Becky, "Bittersweet. To me, it is a miracle, amazing, that he came this far."

Those who were there the night he was born said goodbye to him as he went home.

Vicki Holtan, RN/Essentia NICU Nurse, "We are so happy for the family. Our place will feel a whole lot different without him here."

What a start to life. Proving everyone wrong. The medical textbooks sure don't predict this.

Dr. Scott Mutchler/Essentia Health Neonatology, "Understatement to see miracle, a lot of prayer and faith intense from the nurses. It is a nonstop screaming ride."

After a year surrounded by doctors and nurses, now like family, it is time to fly solo.

Becky, "I am nervous, excited. I am sure there will be tears. I hope I have what it takes."

Now sister Brookelyn can't wait to blow bubbles in Trevor's face at home. He just might miss the peacefulness of the NICU.

Trevor will have more company in a couple of months when another baby Frolek will join the family.

Kevin Wallevand

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