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Boarding the elites: Royal Horses of Europe overnight at farm near Downer

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Downer, MN (WDAY TV) - Things are usually pretty quiet around the small town of Downer this time of year, but imagine the thrill of an Equestrian Center owner when she got a call to board horses.

Not just any horses; the Royal Horses of Europe.

It is no wonder Rene Gasser makes it look easy. His family has been training and showing the Royal Horses of Europe for seven generations; rare, powerful, performing breeds that few of us will ever see again.

You still cannot pull Margo Brady down from the clouds. She owns the Brady Equestrian Center in Downer. At first, she thought it was a prank phone call when the Royal Horses show asked to board their 13 valuable and rare horses here in preparation for the Thursday show.

Margot Brady- Brady Equestrian Center: "Beyond real; to have a Lipizzaner stallion from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, in my barn in Downer, Minnesota, is unreal. When they said they had an Carthusian, that is an extremely rare bread."

Rene Gasser- Riding Master, Royal Horses: "All the horses are flown in. I bought horses from Spain, Germany. Royal bloodlines, they were bred for the Royal families in Europe."

And this equestrian center near Downer is the perfect spot for the Royal Horses. It is set up for stallions.

Brady: "The stallions that ended up in the stud stalls needed that quiet area."

From the battlefields to the grounds of royal palaces, the Andalusians, Lipizzaner and this rare gem.

Gasser: "The monks bred them for 700 areas."

The show also boasts dancers, music and light shows; all showcasing the talents and beauty of a lineage going back centuries.

The Gala of the Royal Horses Show is set for Thursday night at 7 at Scheels Arena.

There are still tickets available on the Scheels Arena website.

Kevin Wallevand

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