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Strange Tax Day Deductions to Save You Money

(ABC News) - When tax season rolls around there's always that one thing you wish you could claim, but you're not really sure.

Searching high and low for ways to save on your tax return? There are some strange, even entertaining ways other people are cashing in.

Richard Gartland / Senior Tax Advisor, H&R Block

"There are two camps: the odd, really odd deductions that people try to

take and don't get away with and then in some instances, there are the

odder ones that people do get away with."

Consider elective plastic surgery. It's generally a "no-go" zone for the IRS. But an exotic dancer deducted the cost of her breast implants. The tax court agreed it was a business deduction!

One man turned his drunk driving crash into money back. After his insurance company refused to cover the damage to the car he deducted the cost of repairs as a casualty loss on his taxes.

Richard Gartland / Senior Tax Advisor, H&R Block

"He was reimbursed but what he had to pay in fines and going to classes to

get him out of deep dutch with the police is however not deductible."

Unusual medical deductions can also pay off. Boarding school for a child with respiratory problems is good to go. Clarinet lessons to deal with overbite is also approved.

Another expense parents pay for is the babysitter. It won't work for date night but if you're off doing volunteer work you might be able to claim the expense under charity.

And finally for pet lovers, how'd you like to write off the cost of food?

Richard Gartland / Senior Tax Advisor, H&R Block

"Cat food was used to attract feral cats to a business location to keep

down snakes was a deduction it was a business deduction, not a loving,

caring pet deduction."

Just goes to show sometimes, it's worth a shot.

However, one warning many of these cases had to be settled in tax court. So if you try, it could mean years before you see any money back.