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Construction Causing Issues For Businesses

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Slow travel conditions through construction can be frustrating for drivers, but road maintenance projects also have an impact on local businesses. Some thrive, while others are left to do whatever they can to make it through the summer, as lower customer traffic and detours take business to other parts of town.

If you drive through Grand Forks, it's easy to see that summer is here. Along with it is road construction season. Four major projects are happening across the city, bringing businesses to some.

Jessica Nelson at the Travelodge says, "The construction it doesn't really bother us. If anything it just brings more business into our hotel."

However, it slows customer traffic for others.

General Manager of Eide Hyundai, Jay Poltuny, says, "It has been a lot less here. I know people are looking for alternate routes."

On South Washington Street, one lane traffic for pavement repairs, widening of lanes and installation of new traffic signals. Work is expected to last until Mid August, and that has Poltuny moving his business for the summer.

Poltuny says, "So we decided this is our best-selling time of the year. We were going to move out to the people if the people can’t get to us."

With vans packed and car lots of emptied, his business is divided for the summer. Service and repairs will still happen at the South Washington location, while cars will now to be sold across town on 32nd Avenue.

Poltuny says, "I talked to a friend who was in Fargo that had the construction in front of his business for two or three months. Shut his business right down. We don't want that to happen to us."

Summer construction makes its presence known to not just those on the road, but everyone.

Nelson says, "Yes, we stay pretty busy, lot of construction rooms."

Poltuny says, "We're a little worried about it. We don't know what's going to happen but like I said, we'll come to you."