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Drinking coffee to get a caffeine buzz is nothing new but teens are finding a new way to get the same buzz

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - For many people, a daily cup of joe, a mocha or a serious shot of espresso, can go a long way in the morning.2 / 2

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - For many people, a daily cup of joe, a mocha or a serious shot of espresso, can go a long way in the morning.

But parents, put your coffee cups down, there's a new tactic teens are trying to get a quick caffeine kick.

Clay Jenkinson/Fargo: "At 8 AM..."

Deni Winsane/Mayville: "Ummmm I need it hahaha."

Jenkinson: "A perfect cup of coffee is the best way to start the day."

When it comes to getting that quick hit of caffeine...

Jenkinson: "I prefer it straight"

Some coffee connoisseurs care about their orders,

Winsane: "I like the taste of it too."

Jenkinson: "It has many delivery systems latte, espresso, cappuccino."


Jenkinson: "You know that you're going to need that jolt."

Are just sipping for the high.

Jenkinson: "If it came in a drip, I'd be on it. If I could put a drip in my jugular, I wouldn't drink it, i'd just drip it in."

Now, there's a faster way to get there.

Jenkinson: "People eat coffee beans, I've done that"

If eating or drinking your way to a caffeine coma is just too slow, or too filling, a new trend popular among teens is coffee smoking, with homemade videos going viral all over the internet.

Winsane: "That's weird."

Jenkinson: "Do you roll your own? Kind of lumpy I suppose, do you crush them?"

Be it beans or bitter grounds, There are step by step sites showing kids how to smoke both.

Jenkinson: "It's a fad, something a young person would do and no geezer would ever do this and that's kind of the charm of it."

Winsane: "I'll stick with the regular latte yes."

The side effects can be dangerous- breathing trouble, dizziness and vomiting, even hallucinations.

Jenkinson: "I wouldn't recommend smoking anything really."

But these drinkers say if teens are going to smoke, coffee beans may not be so bad.

Jenkinson: "We're about to legalize marijuana all over the United States, I think we can live with a few bean heads."

Area health experts say they haven't heard of coffee smoking making its way to the metro, at least not yet.

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