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Families meet law enforcement at Community Day events

EAST GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) – "I run 100 miles per hour,” said Brock Johnson, a little tyke.

Dozens of others joined him, all for police today.

"I thought it would be fun and I wanna run with my friends," said Blaine Johnson, another runner.

A community day where local people get to know the men and women that protect us.

Police want to change their image, and they’re hoping today is a start.

"A lot times when families and people in the community see us, a lot of times it can be for the scary sad times where we're coming because of a critical incident or some thing happened," said Det. David Grabowski of the Crookston Police Department.

And so police shared their cool toys with kids to let them know they're here for the good times as well.

An effort to bring people together after the deaths of Deputy Colt Allery and Officer Jason Moszer.

"We need to be united,” said Assistant Sheriff Angie Brekke, of the Polk County Deputy Sheriff’s Department and an event organizer.

“Feel free to come up and talk to us. If you have questions come talk to us. Let us be united on this."

To help us realize that police are people too.

And they've got families at home waiting for them each night.

"You don't always know where he is or how he's doing,” said Emily Strezisher, an officer's daughter.

“You know that he'll come home safe at night. He'll be home in time for dinner hopefully."

Over 250 adults also ran in the Officer Down 5K. The proceeds from today's events will go to help the families of officers in crisis.