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Behind the scenes of the Red River Zoo: baby Sichuan Takin's first exam

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Fargo (WDAY/WDAZ) - The Red River Zoo is quickly turning into a nursery.

Earlier this month, the zoo announced the birth of a camel.

And now, a SichuanTakin has arrived.

Visitors of the Red River Zoo got an unexpected surprise this weekend.

The zoo's Executive Director, Sally Jacobson said, "One of the guests was walking by watching. She saw the little legs popping out."

Jiang Li, a Sichuan Takin gave birth, in front of an audience, on Saturday.

Jacobson said, "There was a big crowd of guests that came to watch the birth." [Notes:butted sot (place video over Sally during the first sot)] "Everybody here was just overjoyed to be able to witness something so special."

Tuesday, the zoo staff decided it was time for another special moment-- baby's first checkup.

Until now, the mom and baby have been inseparable.

But, mom isn't a fan of strangers around her calf, so zoo staff gated her off to get a good look.

While they set up, they guessed at the baby's weight.

One staff member said, "I say 19."

 "22," said another.

And gender.

Jacobson said, "I'm going female too." 

Another staff memeber said, "Everyone's going for male, I'm going female."

The neo-natal exam provided answers.

A zoo staff memeber said, "It's a boy."

The baby boy weighs 24 pounds.

The zoo's Attending Veterinarian, Tom Colville said, "He's gonna be a big boy!"

An average Takin weighs about 20 pounds at birth.

The exam took about ten minutes... and it was all mom could handle.

Colville said, "Mom was very unhappy about us taking him away, so we tried to work as quickly as we could and get them back together again."

Zoo staff hope to move the baby from a holding area to his outside exhibit in the coming weeks.

The Zoo plans to give the baby Takin a unique name that matches its Chinese and Tibetan heritage.