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Boy Scouts collect donations for local food pantries

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GRAND FORKS (WDAZ-TV) -- They could've slept in this morning, but some local boy scouts are feeding the community instead.

The Boy Scouts of Grand Forks went out and collected thousands of pounds of food this morning.

It's all a part of the 31st annual Scouting for Food Drive in Grand Forks.

Thousands of pounds of food are going to stock the shelves at both the Salvation Army and St. Joseph's food pantries.

Service is more than just another badge to these scouts--it's also a learning opportunity.

"You learn that you’re just very lucky that you have what you have,” said boy scout James Votova.  “And lucky that, you can appreciate the fact that you have the food that you have. And you can get other people to donate food to families that aren't as fortunate as you are."