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Grabbing a Cold One: Nebraska inventors bring new twist to old arcade game

A trio of Nebraska inventors have come up with their own version of the classic claw machine. This one offers ice-cold beer as the prize. 2 / 3
The Brew BuckIt reaches in for a cold one. A trio of inventors from Nebraska came up with the idea. 3 / 3

Bennington, NE (CNN) - You know those claw grab games where you can win a stuffed animal? Well, now there's a similar game - but with a very different prize.

It's a quick , cheap way to quench a thirst. You just have to be good at the game.

Ryan Schwarz – Inventor: "Ah, the Brew Buckit."

Ryan Schwarz has helped change the classic game of fetch.

Ryan Schwarz: "As far as the game in general, it's simple, it's classic. Again, everybody is familiar with how to play it."

So with the basics already there, Ryan, along with his wife Laura and friend JR, started to think.

Laura Schwarz: "So we just started talking about different ideas of what would be a little more fun than the usual stuffed animal."

Laura was about to grab on to an idea clearly outside the box.

Laura Schwarz: "And I just said, ‘What if we did beer?’"

So the "What ifs?" turned into reality. The three worked on a prototype and found a company in new jersey to give them a hand in having it built. The game is pretty much the same: you put a buck or two in and work your magic, trying to pick up one of the 38 bottles.

Ryan Schwarz: "Everyone is competitive to a certain degree whether they want to admit it or not and this brings out the best in people I think."

The three are a little surprised no one has latched on to this idea already. After all, the game has been around for decades.

Laura Schwarz: "And so many inventions I see and I'm like, ‘Gosh, why didn't we think of that?’"

Only this time, they did think it, held on and got their prize.

Ryan Schwarz: "So many great ideas never come to life because people just aren't willing to take that leap of faith. And we just said, you know, if it failed at least we had fun and at the very least we each have a Brew Buckit in our basement."