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"Shoes for Kids" raises more than $35,000 to purchase shoes for local children in need

The annual Fargo Marathon "Shoes for Kids" campaign raised more than $35,000 this year for local kids in need. 2 / 2

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - The Fargo Marathon is over, but it's after effect is helping the community in a big way.

This year the Fargo Marathons fundraiser "Shoes for Kids" raised over $35,000 to purchase shoes for local children in need.

The program began three years ago and works with Nike to purchase several pairs of the Nick Pegasus shoe.

The Marathon committee will deliver them to elementary students in late August.

This year’s campaign raised $15,000 more than previous years.

Sue Knutson/Marathon Asst. Director: “There's so many kids that are in school, that are school aged kids that don't have good shoes, good running shoes for gym. And you wouldn't think so but there is a lot. There's a big need and we want to encourage health and fitness to everybody and it starts when you're young.”

The program uses funds from registration fees, online donations and donations from various organizations to purchase the shoes.