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Tips for "summerizing" your furry friends

Summer is here, and experts recommend taking steps to make sure your furry friends are just as ready as you are.2 / 2

Atlanta, GA (CNN) - Summer is here and that means preparing for warmer temperatures.  We summer-ize our homes, our cars, even our closets, but what about our pets?  It's important to keep our fuzzy friends cool and comfortable.  In today's Furry Friday, reporter Holly Firfer shows us the best ways to keep our animals happy.

Summer can be a great time for our furry friends.  It's an opportunity for our pets to get out and go a little wild.  But it's important to keep in mind that animals can also be affected by the heat just like humans.

Dr. Debbie Mandell is an emergency room physician at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine. She has seen a lot of injuries to dogs and cats because their owners don't realize animals can't tolerate very high temperatures, especially when they are locked in a car.

Dr. Debbie Mandell – University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine: "The temperature inside a parked car can reach a temperature of 120 degrees in a matter of minutes, and cracking that window is not going to prevent that. Heat stroke can happen very, very quickly."

Also, keep in mind that summer is bug season. Make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies and the parvovirus, which affects the intestinal track.

Dr. Mandell: "Heart worm preventative; w e do see heart worm positive dogs, you want to get them tested, and you need flea and tick preventative, because we do see Lyme disease.”

Animals can get sunburned, especially if their hair is trimmed for the summer.  Ask your vet about special animal sunscreen. And if you live in an apartment, make sure your screens over your windows are secure.

Dr. Mandell: "We do see a lot of cats that either push through the screens or jump out the windows."

Healthy recommendations for a happy pet.