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Airport falcon helping with sparrow problem

Passengers are getting dive-bombed and dirty all part of a high flying problem inside Nashville's airport.2 / 2

Passengers are getting dive-bombed and dirty all part of a high flying problem inside Nashville's airport.

And airport officials are using a unique method of fighting the problem.

For the second Friday in a row, birds in the air and one in a hand startle passengers at Nashville's airport.

Passanger: "What's it doing in the airport?"

Brandy the falcon's job is to scare away and not necessarily catch the sparrows that dart around the terminal after flying through open doors.

Don Hervig/ Falconer: "They tend to tail chase so they will go a long way."

Her falconer Don Hervig has a lot of explaining to do.

Hervig: "Trying to control the small birds that get into the airport, I have seen them, yeah."

We have heard what the pesky sparrows do sometimes while looking for food.

And leaving droppings on passengers, but while brandy is sort of a high-flying scare scarecrow, she's also one of the airport's newest attractions.

Luke Kornet/ Vanderbilt basketball Player- Passanger: "I don't know what to say."

7-foot Luke Kornet of the Vanderbilt basketball team knows a thing or two about getting looks in airports, this time he's doing the looking.

Hervig: "We are using her to control birds in here, oh that is awesome."

Sometimes brandy forgets what may be in the way when chasing sparrows in an airport terminal.

Hervig: "She went right into the wall, splat, fall laying face forward on the ground."

So after the face plant, brandy went outside to make sure she could still fly.

She could despite a window temporarily in the way.

Hervig: "Oh don't do that running into stuff."

Soon though she was back on her owner's arm.

Hervig: "She really took her first two flights inside the terminal."

Reporter: "Except for that face plant?"

Hervig: "Oh yeah, and just running into that glass up there."

So, beware pesky airport sparrows, Brandy the falcon is lookin for ya.

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