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Local family running from Fargo to Milnor to honor family member who passed away from cancer and to raise money

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Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - One local family, with three sisters leading the pack, is hitting streets in southeastern North Dakota to raise money for Relay for Life, and remember a man they lost to cancer.

Team JB Weller of Gwinner spent the day running more miles than most of us drive, a family relay from Fargo to Milnor.

While most of us spent the day beating the heat and humidity.

Paula Clarke/JB Weller's Daughter: "It's a beautiful day. We're happy for no rain."

This crew traded in their sandals for sneakers, and pounded the pavement on North Dakota back roads.

Maria Weller/JB Weller's Daughter: "Running is probably always a little bit of a hard thing, but I can do hard things."

Like running a relay, nearly three times longer than a marathon.

Ariel Waloch/Runner: "My Weller genes keep kicking in."

75 miles to be exact, each one weaving their way from Fargo to Milnor.

Maria: "We're running home."

Sun-up to sun-down, while thinking back to why they started this family tradition.

Colin Clarke/Runner: "We think about those who are fighting cancer and whatever challenges we're facing when we're running, pales in comparison to those who are fighting cancer."

Paula: "For each mile I was thinking about one person that I know that has survived cancer or had cancer and passed away."

Paula and her sisters had to say goodbye to their father- JB Weller- who lost his battle with cancer. But serves as the backbone pushing this team.

Ariel: "Every time, I just look up at my grandpa and ask him for strength."

Now his girls, and their families- dedicate their day and energy, running for those who can't.

Maria: "I think he would be real proud. He liked to this his girls were tough. And I suppose most people would think that running 75 miles is sort of a tough thing to do, and he'd like that."

All so other families can maybe someday- win the fight.

Colin: "We hope that we're making a difference for others."

Ariel: "He is looking down on us and he would be proud of what we're doing.'

You can catch up with the team or donate through their Facebook page- Team JB Weller Running.

This year, they hope to raise $5,000 Bringing their grand total to the $20,000 mark.

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