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Army dad surprises son at high school graduation

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Goose Creek, SC (CNN) - A South Carolina high school senior got the surprise of a lifetime Friday at his graduation.

His military dad - who had been overseas - flew in for the ceremony.

The pomp and circumstance of a high school graduation makes any parent proud. So proud, they want to capture it all. Goose Creek high school's ceremony Friday was no exception between the caps the gowns and the speeches.

"We persevered and finally reached our goals."

One of Goose Creek’s speakers was Nicolas Schott. He says he was nervous getting up to talk about his father and the importance of military families.

All along, his father whom he thinks is overseas stands in the wings at the North Charleston coliseum waiting to make his walk across the stage.  

Nicolas Schott/Graduate: "I had no idea. They kept it so much a secret from me."

Staff Sergeant Schott has done 5 tours of duty overseas. He's missed a lot, but Nick says he's still with him wherever he goes.

Nicolas: "He's never seen me wrestle in person. That was a big thing for me because I'm the captain. He's never seen me play football. It's fine because of the fact it's the thing he does."

But Staff Sergeant Schott returned early to his base in Kentucky, after his latest tour in Kuwait. He knew, he would not miss graduation.

"It's priceless. That's for sure."

But the Staff Sergeant decided,

Staff Sgt. Jamie Schott: "I don't want to tell Nick."

He says he worked with Goose Creek high school to make it all happen and make the day for nick.

Nicolas: "It is important to have both your parents here. With him being here, that concludes that I have both my parents here and it's an amazing feeling."

After all, every parent wants to be there for those moments. See it for themselves.