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Florida Starbucks customers pay it forward over 300 times

Customers at a St. Petersburg, Florida Starbucks got a nice surprise when one woman decided to pay-it-forward for another customer's drink. The act of generosity continued for over 300 customers. 2 / 2

St. Petersburg, FL (CNN) - Customers of St. Petersburg, Florida Starbucks paid it forward big time - more than 300 times over. The generosity all started with a grandmother at the drive-thru.

Customers ordering at this St. Pete Starbucks on Tyrone Boulevard are finding out when they get to the window that somebody already paid for their coffee. It's a random act of kindness called paying-it-forward

John Myers – Customer: "The person apparently before me paid for my coffee and then we had the opportunity to pay for the person behind us."

What's amazing about it is the manager says more than 330 people have kept the pay-it-forward chain unbroken all morning, easily breaking the store's record.

Sharon Taylor - Customer: "I paid for the two cars behind me."

The Starbucks manager says a woman in her mid-60's started the pay it forward chain at seven o'clock Wednesday morning. The manager says because she's not a regular customer, they don't have any contact info for her. Customer Lucy Ramon had paid it forward twice today.

Lucy Ramon – Customer: "I was number 57 this morning."

Starbucks Employee: "Were you? Oh my gosh."

Lucy Ramon: “What number am I now?"

Starbucks Employee: "You're number 297."

Ramon says she's glad her son got to experience it.

Lucy Ramon: "I think it just puts a smile on people's face and it made me happy this morning. Obviously now it actually showed my son here a nice little lesson as well. So, it's a great thing."

Customers say paying it forward just makes their day.

Melissa Garrand - customer: "It was a pleasant surprise. Everybody likes their coffee paid for. So, it was nice."